Aug 28, 2011

Rambling Before Raya

Assalamuaalaikum :)

     Crazy and hectic. That's what I would use to describe my relationship with the wireless connection for these last couple of months. The phone cable was stolen twice. TWICE. But they are caught now. I've heard rumours that the company is not planning to install a new one in my area because it was always stolen. Screw those thieves. And for the last roughly six months of holiday I've been using broadband but now, the sim is disfunctional (wait, is this a right word to describe it? Ah, lantak) and to apply for a new one requires the owner and the owner is in New Zealand and the owner won't be back till the ened of December and I have no broadband to use in USA. So now, guess where do I online from? Wait, nevermind. Whatever it is, I would like to pause my now already hectic life with the Raya and Uni preparations to update this blog. Oh I miss typing here, rambling on and on like I'm doing now. Hahahaha.

     Anyway, my Mr.K is back. Oh yes, any details of my Mr.K must be updated in this blog. Hahaha. After roughly one month in workshop, he's back (and how do I know it's a male? Beats me :P) but the kangaroo bar is absent and he looks so funnayh without his misai. Haha. Hye, Ramadhan is almost over. Just one mor e day, RAYA! Ramadhan this year was cool. Who knows whn ever I will have the chance to fast one whole month with my family considering the fact that when you further your study and then you would work and yada yada stuff in the future would limit the opportunity. On one side, I'm pretty excited for Raya but on another side, sad that Ramadhan is leaving :(  My baju raya is still in the tailor. So sad. Not only the tailor change the design without asking me first, but she mistaken my sister's kain for mine. Easy said, kain saya dengan adik saya tertukar. And now I have a pair of purple shoes for orange kurung. Wow, that would be so pretty and nor weird. My my, my sister, she was sooo angry you know. Well yeah,  I am too but the damage is done anyway. Sad baju raya story.

     My parents and I will be leaving to USA (UiTM Shah Alam) earlier one day. Preparations? I barely have done them all. Well the shopping part is done but the forms and everything, still on the list. But I haven't done packing yet. Hey, it's raya mood, who would want to pack? It is the jom-buat-kuih-raya-mood and all those things that you do time raya. 6 months took all of my enthusiasm for Degree away. Very very very very far away I assure you. Well, let's leave the working hard part to next week version of Ain.

     Lastly, my humblest apologies to my dear friends, fellow bloggers, dearest readers, classmates, coursemates and whatothermates I have for any mistakes that I've done for I am no one but a normal human, flawed and far from perfection. May we are given more chances of meeting Ramadhans. InsyaAllah. Salam Eid Mubarak, may you all be blessed by Allah :)

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  1. you got orange kurung.?!! yeay..same here *sep skli*..even though it's not really ur kain..hehehe..

    anyway, have a great Raya n sorry for everything mommy..i guess i'll be seeing u in USA :D


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