Aug 7, 2011


You're love's a permanent distraction
A perfect interaction
A feeling so extreme
I lost my appetite to eat 
And I barely get to sleep
Cause you're even in my dreams

And I thought that I was strong
But I knew that all along
This was out of my control
So I fell into your hands 
And I don't know where we'll land 
I'm just going with the flow 


Love love love - Hope ft Jason Mraz

     It's been awhile since I listen to Jason Mraz. Found a new song of his yesterday and now I'm stuck. Haha :D  Sempoilah, as usual. Dengar lagu dengar juga, tapi jangan sampai melalaikan. Peringatan untuk diri sendiri. Salam Ramadhan :)


  1. selamat berpuasa ainnnn!! ops, puasa ke tak ni?

  2. wah2!!! betui3!!! very2 simple... n ya!! betui3!! jgn sampai melalaikn!!!! ;)

  3. LG: Life's good, lol. Puasalahhh! :D Selamat berpuasa kembali ;)

    Minn: Donlod jange dok donlod :D

    adahredha: Kannn ;)

  4. nice lyrics:-)
    Tq for sharing.
    Nak harap cari sendiri, memang taktau lagu omputih..hehe..

    Salam ramadhan juga =)


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