Feb 21, 2011

It's The Feeling

This is merely a random thought. It's what we call, life.

Once in a while, you just kinda get the feeling. I mean, the one that annoys you.

     It's the feeling that you will find yourself stumbling for words to describe it. It's the feeling that you get when you are totally annoyed with someone but you simply can't snap or flare because you are tied to your own rules of life or simply because you know that by doing that things will only gets worse and eventually you will only end up having the worst feeling stored for you. It's the feeling that even your so called best friend can't understand you for he or she always think that he or she is right and don't give it a damn how sometimes you are annoyed with it. It's the feeling that you get when your friends still tease you about something that you don't like even though you have told them over and over again beforehand. It's the feeling about the way they make it a good laughing stock and don't give it a damn about the way you feel. 

     It's the feeling that you get when you see your crush get hooked on someone else and there is nothing you can do about it except letting go and move on. It's the feeling when you can't buy something that you have been craving for like ages. It's the feeling when you are so pissed off but you just have to keep it all inside and fake a smile. It's the feeling that you wake up and simply not feeling like talking to anyone, and you had to fake a smile, pretend that everything is right when it's not and the worst thing about it is that even you don't have a clue what is wrong. It's the feeling that even though this happens, no one cares. It's the feeling when you work so hard for days to do your assignments but you get lower grades than the one who don't even care about it and did it last minute. It's the feeling that when you go the malls and see discount tags, and you check on your purse and you barely have enough money to purchase anything.

I guess if we were about to list down everything, even one whole blog is not enough. Gahh, I'm exaggerating again :P

What a bummer.

I know.
Well darling, everyone's been there. That's life.

Hey Handsome, haha :P  *tetiba

It's okay to pause, but don't stop :)

We're teenagers.

Things go wrong and we screw up but hey, we move on and fix things.

And it is okay not to feel okay. But don't let it bugs you too much. Now that would be wrong not to feel okay.

Okay? :)

Moving on!

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