Feb 4, 2011

Hey Home

     It's been a while since I last posted something that people really have something to read. Gahh, you mean if there's one who would want to read -_-"  Okay, whatever it is, here it goes. Hey people, I'm sure that many of you who's reading this post is happily at home, having breakfast on bed, tasty food for brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner, supper and whatnot. My point is, being home is good. Me? Isk. So sad. I miss home. I miss home. I miss home so much! The initial plan was, my roommates and I weren't going home for CNY. Because it was only like a normal weekend with an extra one day. We kinda plan to hang out together, go explore every single corner in Kuantan and you know, all the happy moments. Because! Because, we only have like one more month to be together. Isk :'(   But then, things happened and two of them went home. I was too but then come to think about it again:

-The hols started on Wednesday, kinda. Our class ended at 10 a.m
-No tickets home for Wednesday, which means if I wanna go home, there's one in Thursday morning
-Checked for ticket to come back to Kuantan. The one in Sunday? SOLD OUT.
-Which means that I would have to take the one on Saturday
-So, go home Thursday morning, get there in evening, be home in Friday and get in the bus on Saturday

     So you see, even if I went home on Thursday, I may got there like at 5 pm. Long journey it is. Then when I got home, for sure I would take a rest and slept the whole night. Well, kinda. And then, I would have Friday. Only Friday home. And on Saturday, I would have to get on the bus again. Ringgit Malaysia 64 for that and plus I don't like riding a bus so, no thanks. Last Wednesday night, I called home. Nobody picked up. So I called my sis, she answered my call happily and told me "We're here!"  And I was like, here where? Kedah. Gahh, they didn't tell me they were going to Kedah. Isk. Nak merajuklah. Haha. So here I am, home, in US (UiTM Sekilau) I'm proud of myself. For the first time ever, I'm officially an independent settled foreigner. Well, errr, kinda.

Nice home eay? Thanks. Yeah it's not mine.

     My idea for my so called holiday was to get the assignments done and then showed off to people who went back home. Huh, as if these two things are worth being compared with eay? For sure going home is better. Assignments? Kidding me. I spent my whole day watching Glee yesterday. I only stopped because I don't have episode 8 to 12. Isk. I guess it is my nature, working on things last minute. Seriously Nia Ilemor, when are you gonna get yourself fixed? *silence. Nahh, let's just go with the flow. This is cool. Haha. The pressure kept the ideas flowing. Kan? :P

     Okay people, have a happy day home. You know I'm not jealous that you get to see the lovely faces that I haven't seen in more than a month except through Skype and photos. You know I'm not jealous that you get to eat home made meals. You know that I'm not jealous that you get to spend a day out shopping with your family. You know that I'm not jealous that you get to be in your own comfie room and get up having breakfast on bed. You know that I'm not jealous that you get to watch TV home right? We have one too here. Ahuh. Just walk two stairs down and 139 steps ahead. Home, you can only walk about 10 steps away from you bedroom to living room to watch TV. Ahah, which one is healthier huh? You know right? You know I'm not jealous right?

Okay I'm jealous >.<

Happy Holiday! :D



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