Jan 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :D

Alhamdulillah, safe and sound in Kuantan. 

Can you see it? The future? Well, let's get in! :P

     Okay, I don't know why I am like sooo diligent, updating blog like almost everyday. That is soo not the me now. Haha. And NO, I don't think that it has anything to do with multiple personality. Ishk. Maybe it's just that, I have more time to update my blog during mid sem. Huh, that's odd. Where all the times that you're supposed to do the assignments gone hah? Well, I think I work better under pressure, HAHA. Oh my, can't let this stay this way. Oh, by-duh-way, it's already Week 6 here. Week 6 means, Test Week. *cheer!. Hah, kidding me. I haven't even started with my revision yet. Even now, I'm still working on my last year's assignments. Haha. So yeah. Uhm, I guess I won't be around too much, babbling and prattling on and on.
     Seriously, I really need to get my act together. It's the last sem for crying out loud miss Nia Ilemor. Get your brain working okay? Don't want to see disappointed faces of the people you love eay? Okay, no more playing around I guess except during weekend. Hehe. But seriously, I'm getting lazier this sem. One of my lecturers once said that usually the students who scored pretty well in Sem 1, got like, ehm, lupa diri during sem 2? And, well, you can guess the rest of the story. Is it? Now that scares me. It's too bad that I got sarcasm remarks on my pointer, now who would want what she said happen? :/  Honestly I'm scared*nail biting. Okay gotta go. Tata titi tutu :D

Who got remedies for laziness? I want one, can I?  

p/s: Mr. Muet is coming this month, or maybe this week. Seriously the thought gave me a shudder. Ngeee~ 

Have a nice day today and also for the upcoming days! :D


  1. hahaha~ xleh blah still working on my "last year's" assignments... XP


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