Jan 12, 2011

Scream and Fly

I think I'm beginning to understand how life plays the game.

AN's photography.

Sometimes, I wish I could just scream as loud as I want and fly away.

But I can't.

     Coming back from sem break, there's just too much to do and so little time. I'm not sure whether I can keep up with it or not. We have to prepare for the drama coming up, story telling, writing graded assignments, reading assignment, literature, persuasive speech, reading the plays for literature, the Flowers for Algernon book, preparing for the tests and yada yada. Seriously I am tired, mentally and physically. And now... Huh. Abah was right, sooner or later, I'll deal with these kinda things and these kinda people. Those people worth no thought of mine. I have no time for those craps. With the debate tournament coming up, we're now trying to keep up the pace as fast as we can. Two practices in a week. I'm kinda excited but I'm also scared -_-" 

     I've done pretty bad in my last Reading presentation. I think the Demo Speech was also sucks. I'm scared. Those presentation covers like 10%. Oh my, I am struggling real hard for Sem 2. Yet, I am still me, lazy me. Ugh. Got debate practice tonight. Got Literature and TED tests tomorrow. I got L&S test this Friday. Gotta rehearse for drama. Gotta do presentations for writing and TED for next week classes. I have reading and grammar tests next week. Gotta study. Gotta find a topic for Story Telling which covers 15% of my drama class's mark. Gotta start doing reading and writing assignment. Gotta start reading the novel and the plays. Gotta start doing everything! So little time, so many things to do. I hope I can pull this off :)

Allah please guide me.

Hey sem 2, told ya to be nice to me didn't I?


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