May 17, 2011



      Wuuuhuuu! Finally after a week I have a chance to update my blog. Wahahahahaha. May has been a busy month for me. Uh-MAY-Zing month it is I would say! :D   I don't really feel like updating my blog nowadays but still, here I am. Hahahahaha. You know from last 6th May 2011, I've been on the go. Here and there travelling. 6th was for a wedding. On 10th and 11th I was in KT with a friend of mine. It was kinda like a sudden trip but yet soo much fun! I'll update the details later. So I went home from KT in the evening on 11. And on 12th May I packed my stuff and off to Kuantan. Spent a day with my UiTM friends when Mas and I got here , and on 13th May off we go to Temerloh for an English camp in Felda Mengkuang. Evening on 13th, off we go again to Felda Mempaga for the same activity. Spent a day two days in Mempaga, staying at Aisyah's house, 14 and 15 it was. Back in Kuantan yesterday, 16 it is, and now, I'm typing this entry in Kuantan from Rye's while waiting for my dad to come pick me up. We're going to Shah Alam for my sis's convo's ceremony. Wohouu :D

     Been busy sure is a good way to keep your mind off unnecessary things that always bug your mind. Heeeee. I would only be home this 19. And even after 20, I have lots coming up. Well let's see, my friends and I are planning to go to school together this 23rd May, not forgetting the reunion. And if I pass the MeDSI test that I had the other day, the date for the interview will be announced on 20th May. So if I pass, maybe I'll get the date between 20th May to 1st June. I really like the way the month of May keeps me busy because somehow, I need it.

Okay off I go again. Till then, take care love! :)


  1. u know wht, jealousy is in the air..

  2. Hoyeah..!!
    Tiring and fun at the same time..
    Do come again Ain :D

  3. Lee Ya Na Jee: Heeeee. Orang ajak taknakkk sangat.
    Rye Skema: Ho ho yeahhh! I will Rye, beware. I will, Hahahaha :P


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