May 20, 2011

10 Must Have

     Wuuhuu! Now that I'm back from a week of a total travel, I'm gonna get that 10 stuff done. I've seen my fellow bloggers are already done with that like what, a week ago and me? Just about to start again. Haha. My ten days challenge has literally becomes 100 half days challenge, lol :P Okay proceed.

10 Items I Can't Live Without

Since it says items then items they are.

#1. My mobile phone + Top-ups
#2. A house and everything in it
#3. My laptop and internet connection
#4. Books. Ah well, not really but this will do.
#5. Television
#6. Food and drinks. Human can't live without them, na'ah.
#7. Air, oxygen.
#8. Clothes. Imagine people living without them, like so zaman dulu-dulu :P
#9. Moneyyyy. Tell me whoever can live without this? No one. Almost.
#10. Save the best for the last, Holy al-Quran.

     This post is boring. I've answered randomly. Literally can't live without them. Literally. Oh well whatever. Haha. Okay bye.

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