May 9, 2011

10 Wishes

Randomly written it is ;)

#1: World to be a peaceful place to live in.

#2: No one will live in hunger.

#3: People not feeling afraid for thieves/criminals when walking around the earth.

#4: The one that I love be happy.

#5: Make my family proud of me.

#6: The path of my life to be eased by HIM :)

#7: Get a DSLR and have the skills of a professional.

#8: To meet Taylor Lautner? Uhh, ahem.

#9: Wake up everyday in a better version of me.

#10: A happy life for everyone :)

     Haha, suddenly rasa macam jawapan budak-budak. Random. Okay dah. 


They said she said