May 21, 2011



Alhamdulillah, I passed the MeDSI test. The interview is in about a week's time.

     I know at this point of life where people are still uncertain of their future, I should be grateful for at least getting a chance to try for my future but still, is being happy reasonable when you see your dear beloved friends not getting the same chance when as a matter of fact they worked hard too? When people asked me, yes of course I would say, Alhamdulillah. I do appreciate this. I am more than thankful, I am, I seriously am but still, I can't bear seeing the others not getting the same chance as I am especially the one that we shared the dream together since high school. Is this it? :/

     I believe that Allah has planned the best for His every servant but to see my beloved friends giving up or having their minds bugged by negative thoughts along the way is not something pleasant. I am not the kind of person who knows how to console people with those motivational quotes. I don't know how to respond to and seriously, I do feel heartbroken for them. Every single time. But there's nothing else I can do except listen. The fact that I'm not good in motivating people doesn't help at all. Besides, my future is not certain yet too. And yes, I am scared. I just pray that I will be able to perform my best during the interview and I shall leave the rest to HIM :)

     I pray that Allah will strengthen their wills, and I pray for their future for that is at least I can do.

So do not become weak 
(against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior 

(in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers.

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