May 8, 2011

10 Things That I Love


     Back in the race for the 10 things stuff. Let's get down to business.

     First thing first, I'm gonna talk about things that I love doing. Things. There should be no questions on how much I love the people around me and I don't even wanna grade the love, haha. So yeah. This post is about random stuff that I love doing. Ahh, membebel pulak. Okay proceed!

#1: I love books! Still, depends. Oh yeah I think reading is super cool! My first book was a PMR present from Nuyu and my first collection was the Twilight Saga (sponsored mainly by Kak Long and also one of them by Alif, tengkiyuuuuu) Ever since, I started my own collection but not much. Imported books are expensive, well they are for me.

#2: I love cool photos. I admire the people who are good photographers. The photos are supercoolandawesome! Wonder when will I be one, probably will not, haha.

#3: I love my first phone. Haha. It is for some inexplicable reasons :P  I'm gonna use it as long as I can.

#4: I love scary movies. But the time set to watch them depends on the situation. I don't watch alone. My sister and I would sometimes stay up late watching them. But you know, sometimes they are some scary movies that are too unreal to believe in and I end up questioning everything and then I get bored and when you get bored you get sleepy and when you get sleepy you end up sleeping lahh. Haha. It's hard to find a good scary movie you know. 

#5: I love spending time with my sisters. But sometimes they are pretty annoying, haha. You know, those moments where all of you just sit on the bed, kau tolak aku aku tolak kau sebab katil ni kecik and semua pakat nak duduk atas katil nih, and we talk about random stuff and laugh at each other. 

#6: I love my kampung! Seriously, it is where I grow up. I simply love evrything. The paddy field, the trees, the gravel road, the river and simply everything! And the place that they use to shoot the drama Nur Kasih is also beautiful!!!

#7: I love an air-conditioned room/ice cream during a hot day. What could be better than that? Ah okay, maybe an umbrella. Or having someone splashed a pail of water straight to your face? Hah, what the? Okay not funny :P

#8: I love chocolate especially dark chocolate. I mean I love chocolate but I prefer the dark one. Less sugar, and tastes bitter. I remember once my sister brought home a chocolate. It's kinda like a pure chocolate and it tastes so bitter so everyone was like tengok je coklat tu dalam peti, kesian takde yang nak makan, tak laku. Haha. But I found myself enjoying the taste. Up until now, I can't find the chocolate that tastes as bitter as that mainly because it's not made here. Even the Cadboury and Vochelle dark chocolate punya still tak as bitter as that one.

I like this one too ;)

#9: I kinda love vintage stuff. Those weird looking bracelets and stuff like that. But depends.

#10: I love shopping! But most of the time I can only window-shop =.="   Okay seriously, many girls like to shop kan. You know you had a good shopping trip when you spent more than you should but you feel happy and content! Oh yeah.

     Well, that's ten. I just answer them randomly. I wrote what came across my mind. There're a lot more things that I love but those are the one that I could think if right now. Haha. But you know, people change and one day, it is not weird if it turns out to be that the things that I used to love doing/having, no longer gives me the thrill. Anyway, that's all, till then!


  1. kampung ain kat mane? :o

  2. Kat sini je... Ayat yang last tu saje tambah because I love the scenery, haha :P

  3. owhh..buat saspen je :P


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