May 28, 2011


Let's say hello to June for it will bring me a blast! Probably same as May and probably more! :D


Sooooo looking forward for 8+. We're gonna have funnnnnn! Oh yeah baby!

     My UiTM friends are coming over this June. A bummer since two of us can't make it but hey, still, we're gonna have fun! Wahahaha, Kuantan and KT, meet Besut :)  Ah, I haven't had the chance to update my May story. 

     Why do I feel necessary to write everything on blog? Ah well, because when I thought about it back, I feel sorry for myself for not remembering my school days, the amazing days especially. Now I wish that I've started blogging when I was still in school. Haha. So that when people start talking about our good old days I won't be having my forehead crinkled so hard just to remember everything. So I will write anything that I feel worth remembering. At least they stay written :)

Hello June, make me happy. I just need one wish from someone who truly remembers rather than wishes from people who are reminded by FB :)

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