Jul 2, 2013

Semester 4

Assalamualaikum :)

I'll tell you what you already know
For You, Angus and Julia Stone.

     Alhamdulillah we are finally done with Semester 4! My God going to the third year already how time flies!

     So a review for the fourth semester? I have jumbled up thoughts at the moment but let's see how it goes.

     Weird. I would say that semester 4 has been weird. It's a freaking weird semester that I just can't wait for it to end. It's a semester where you get to see that the colour pink is actually red. And that mustard colour, is just a plain yellow. And that, you never actually liked the colour turquoise. It also the semester where I get to see other colours to be painted in the canvas of life. It's a semester where I abandoned Jacob Black and went alone to become a werewolf on my own, except that yeah I don't have that wolf pack stuff of Seth, Lia and all. It's a semester where I actually thought that, hey maybe it's not really a bad thing to be a vampire! Still can't decide which one is preferable though but one thing for sure I don't want any Bella anywhere near. Naah.

     This is the semester where that werewolf decided that it is time to take things into her own paws. It's a semester the werewolf learns that even if the lions look all mighty, they still can't meow like a cat does which is also a weakness to not be able to do things which cats (that they claim is weaker than them) can easily do. Naturally. Since when we decided that a roar is mightier than a meow anyway? If the roar is feared more than respected, I think I'll just go with a meow.

     In another jungle, a tiger figured a lesson of life. At that moment, the tiger would realize that things would be much more easier to handle as it walks alone. To find strength in rejection, to find independence in isolation. Mama Liger and Papa Tiger would be there to back him up anyway. And if any other cute fluffy animals comes by along the journey and willing to share the tiger's ups and down, it should be grateful, not hopeful. And that is when the tiger realized, maybe, this is how it is supposed to be. It is fated this way that it would learn a great lesson from all of this. A lesson that is best to be kept to itself, not revealed as bed time stories to the other animals. A lesson that will guide him along the way in your life. 

And also to not let labels camouflage one's flaws. 

I can still see the deer, so the tiger said.

     In one visit to the animal kingdom the tigers saw the lions abandoned their houses and cubs to find food and went to the gym for a workout with the bunnies.

     The other animals seemed okay with that, they worship the lions' great figure and all but the tiger can't help thinking of how screwed up is that.

The tiger prefers silence anyway. It's a tiger who meows anyway.

     Sheesh what a weird post and way on unloading thoughts into words. Told ya it's a weird semester!

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