Feb 22, 2015

Run Raisya Run

Assalamualaikum :)

And, hello.

     Today we had lunch at my uncle's house. His recent hunt got us some real good meat yay so it's a family feast. A little tradition in the family that we always treasure omg getting sentimental here can I not go back to Shah Alam tsk. It was really nice having lunch together but the kids were, quite a headache to tend to. They were like, ten little kids to tend to. Luckily they are all well-mannered and not as fussy. After lunch, I took some of the kids for a walk nearby the housing area, wasn't that far lah. I made sure that we stayed within the vicinity where it was still possible for us to run back to the house in case aliens suddenly decided to land and kidnap us. You'll never know. 

     The little one, Raisya was in a really good mood today. Too good of a mood. She was laughing and behaving so politely. She ran a lot too, in a kurung lagi smh my heart would skip a beat because when kids run, it always gives you the never ending fear because their little feet looked like they can;t match the gravity and they always looked like they are almost stumbling while as a matter of fact they are doing just fine. Penguin runs. But still, minor heart attacks. I don't want them to stumble and hurt themselves naah. But the girls, they are not used to walking. They ran. So after a moment, when they realized that I was not keeping up they'd be like, "Kak Aaaaiin, cepaaat." Kids, your Kak Ain couldn't speed up in skirts. What if some prince charming happen to use the road no I must keep calm and maintain my gadis ayu speed ok.

     And Raisya really liked it when I picked her up and made that that trick as if I'm giving her up to the sky (very momentarily, that girl is growing super fast) whenever she dashed towards me with her arms open wide. So she would run ahead and when she turned her head and saw me lagging behind, she would run towards me so that I can raise her. I better be burning some good calories there.   

     There was like a really long walk by the paddy field. Since Baby wanted to show me where her brothers went to catch the fish yesterday, we took quite a stroll down the road. And after that we went further along. I told them that we will only walk until the end of the road, and then we should head home. 

     So when the girls are happy enough getting patted gently by the evening breeze and sight-seeing, I said, "Ok jom balik." And that's when Raisya lost it. She refused. Tugging my sleeves adamantly, she pulled me ahead and said she didn't want to go home. She wanted us to march ahead and she did not want to turn back and walked the way we came just now. I explained to her, if we are to walk ahead, it would be a really long walk home. We had to like, go around the village which is reeeeaaallly far and that can take up to one hour. Then Baby added that, "Yeah it's far Raisya. And we have neither money nor water with us so it's gonna be a really long walk home." But obviously, the qtpie did not understand a word we're saying. 

     I tried to coax her into going home, telling her that we will not go home, just walking on the other side of the road (which obviously did not work she knew the road like the back of her hand I bet) The funny part was, even though she was almost crying, whenever a bike/bicycle passed us, she would suddenly be alert and pull my sleeve to stay at the side of the road adamantly until the rides are gone. Idk I found it funny heheh. Dia macam, marah marah merajuk, oh wait ada bike gotta be careful Kak Ain let's stay on this safe side of the road kejap. And after that, she's back throwing tantrums again.

     After half an hour going back and forth, I had no choice.  She was still so very adamant. So... I ran. I went, Ok Nia and Baby jom lariii. Yeah we ran towards home, because I know she will chase me. And she did. In, tears . . . I really had no choice. I would stop sometimes midway to check for the fear if there were incoming vehicles and afraid that she would turn around in retaliation but she's picking up alright. When we were halfway home, my sisters found us and Wawa took her in her arms. Still crying, she insisted to go the other way but we got her home yeay finally.

I knew the too-good-to-be-true-mood got an impending dun dun dun coming *nods slowly

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