May 6, 2017

Untittled #2

Yo so I found a draft of min logged back in 2013. By the look of it this was back in semester 4? I think.

"Let's sit down, lepak and talk about life like teenagers do."

And we did.

     Though life is so tough sometimes, even you are not sure how do you cope with it. But those moments when you are doubtful and full of insecurities in breaking the cycle of normal life, that is actually the time when you would start learning about life.

Yes, life is hard. But that doesn't mean that the right thing to do is complain and whine about it.

You learn to cope with it and appreciate little things.


-A drive to a random place on cloudy days with best friends.
-Late night supper date of a drive through of some random fast food restaurant.
-A conversation about life at a water fountain, sipping the icy milo and tea, bracing the cold of life.
-A random midnight movie trip and ending up having to watch a horrible movie, struggling to preserve our conscience and asked for the change of hall afterwards.
-A random quick lunch and catching up session set up and managed with loved ones amid the hustles and bustles of life.
-A half an hour time for self by the lake with a bar of chocolate.

And I learn a thing or two from this semester;

-To not let your busy days keep you away from the people you love.
-To make the best out of the worst.
-To walk away from things that make you unhappy and not be afraid of taking the risk.
-To do good to people, but never expect anything in return.
-To appreciate those who have been there.
-To not stop in the middle of the journey.
-To not let people's assumptions build shenanigans.
-To learn for the sake of learning. 

More like, 8 to be precise leuls.

Life of no leisure. And that's perfectly fine.

"Wait, are we not teenagers?"

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