Oct 19, 2017

Just a Quick Hello

     It stresses me out that my previous blog posts seem to reek of hopelessness. Oh dear God I swear I am so much livelier in real life haha. Kinda wanna delete them but hey, those are the witnesses of my Khalil Gibran melancholic days. So I'm kinda proud of them and now I have subtle attachment to those feelings as well. Well . . .

     Anyway, It's already October. And we're nearing the end of 2017, just to welcome 2018 with (more hope, more melancholy, more heartbreaks, more aspiring goals) *underline relevant answers*

     The time does not make sense does it? How can time flies so fast. How can a year passed just like that? End of year is my favourite soliloquy in reverie time. I get to observe how has my life changes within this one year. And oh, I have learnt so much, a lot more, about myself this year as well. I kinda wanna talk about it but it also means risking some vulnerabilities. Since these writings would require an immense level of political correctness, I need more time to dwell on these things, and how to write them down. I think it's important, at least for me, because when I get to come back to all these yearly lessons, it's a reminder of how I have handled those tough times. If I have handled them well, kudos Ain, you'll do better in the next round. If I did not, well, buckle up. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

 Until then.

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