Mar 8, 2012

Hiding Away

Don't run away, don't drift away, don't hide away.
Hilary Duff, Hide Away.


     I don't even know how the subject got into the surface but when we were chatting the other day, this one friend of mine, N, mentioned that she loved reading my blog. It's good to know that I do have readers. Hew hew. And it is interesting to know what the readers actually thought of your writing.

     I rarely update my blog nowadays. Not as frequent as I used to. Why? I don't know. I do have things to write about. Sad. Happy. Things in between. Random stuff. You know, when you blog, you're actually unleashing the other side of you. The part of you that you never realized you have before.The alter ego? Well, probably. I used to be able to write what I feel. Used to. Sometimes I am amazed by how my writing can actually understands my thoughts better than my verbal words. The thing is, it doesn't work that way anymore. I tried to write. I typed, hesitated, reread and delete. It's not right, one side of me comment. It's dull. It's just not right. It's lame. It's this and that. And that was it.

     You know what's upsetting about this? It's that, when you are unable to write all those things,  it gets stuck there. Those petty feelings. In that small mind of yours. When writing was your only resolution of letting it off, what do you do when your hands refuse to do the heart a favor of getting all those written and forgotten? I have no idea. I'm at loss.

I'll keep trying. Will definitely.


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