Aug 27, 2012

Inner Strength Under Construction

     Sometimes life knocks you down in a way you could never imagine. It took away all the things you feel safe confiding into, leaving you defenseless and vulnerable. It can break your soul by using the people you love the most, the things you care the most and the memories you cherish the most. But have we ever really thought why any of this happen?

     A friend of mine once said, whatever hardship we're dealing with at this time will be useful for us one day. Do believe that, Allah is preparing us for something that we may have to deal with in the future that we'd be needing the 'training' of emotions and strength starting from now.

     The question lies in the humans themselves. Are they to take this challenge as a mean to improve themselves or are they just gonna stand there and let the world take them away?

     We have the power to make a choice. Exploit our power, energy and strength to build a better construction of 'us'. Don't waste them on crying over history that can't be fixed, instead use it to build a better future.

May Allah ease, insyaAllah :)

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