Mar 22, 2013

YayNay Weekend


     It's weekend and I'm not exactly sure how have I been feeling. I've been going back and forth considering whether I should or not go home for Kak Anis's wedding and when I did decide that I wanted to go home, the tickets were all sold out.

Why. Did. I. Forgot. About. The. Upcoming. School. Holiday? -.-'

So yeah. Nay for Terengganu weekend plan. Tapiiiiii, look at that silver lining owh so pwetty. I get to attend the Mufti Menk's talks insyaAllah with my favourite girls! Yeay, for, Shah Alam, weekend plan?

I still miss Terengganu though.

     Anyway, alf mabruk for my lil sister Iqah Cheeqahhh for your SPM result. We are so proud of you Alhamdulillah! :D

There, blog updated!

Have a happy and productive weekend people!


  1. kirim salam kt adik mu :P
    oyak , kak nang comel yg kirim salam...hoho
    btw , adik mu nak ambk gapo ?

  2. Haha insyaAllah. Tapi bab comel tu, aih, dok baik nipu ore :P
    Dia tak decide lagi huhu.

  3. wuu tak sempat pergi mufti menk sebab ada program :'(


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