Mar 25, 2014

What's After a No

She's walking on a flimsy thread, at the height of a soaring bird. Slowly. Carefully. Meticulously. 

"Maybe you should just run?"


"Maybe you should try flying?"

No. I'm not a bird I don't even have wings to begin with!

"Maybe you do. But you never try, how come you know?"

Her feet halted to a stop. She lifted up her face. The dimmed sunlight bathes her face. Slowly, she spread out her arm while trying to maintain the balance of her torso. She could feel her hands slowly weighed down by soft shiny feathers and it grows larger by seconds.

"Do I fly now and risk the flight, or do I keep on going as how I have been doing it?"

But she was so near to the colourful wall...

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