Apr 1, 2017

Aaaaaaaaa April

Oh my God! It's already April :'D

     Wrapped up March with 9 books read into the year heheh. Should have been able to read more actually given the free time I am blessed with (Jia You Ain). I am aiming to read 50 books this year. I am not sure if I can do it, but I will definitely try my best as my unreads even go as far as three years back, as in, purchased, and they are in the tsundoku band.

     You know, I realized that earlier this year, that I have been a pretty melancholic person along 2016. So as 2017 greeted us, I decided that I'm gonna try catch some upbeat vibes into my life. First off, changing my playlist (check). Next is, to shut down unnecessary overthought thoughts (still working on it, long way to go). Third is, to think of as much of positive thoughts as I can possibly can, this includes not talking about other people (negatively) and lastly, to maintain the little progress I am trying to make in my hablumminallah department (very difficult to maintain so far I'll be really honest). I will only focus on getting 4 things drilled into my life this year. It's not easy, not at all but I am making little progress. Of course, there are internal struggles to attend to as well. But all is well, part of growing up (more like, growing old).

     One of my close friends back in asasi also announced that she's tying the knot after Raya this year. I am so happy for her! She's the first among nine of us to get hitched! May Allah ease it all for her. I can't wait for another asasi reunion session on her wedding haha. 

That's all this time. I am trying to get my rythm into writing again. It has been taking an extra effort for me to do so (even writing a mundane post such as this one) but I am determined to, because, reasons. Till then :')

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