Jul 8, 2011

Foggy Future


     Fuyohhhh. It's been ages since I'm in the mood to blog. I took a few days off internet and I finished watching two seasons of himym, finished reading Adrian Mole's diary and halfway doing a so called 'revision'. Well, now we know how well our life is without Facebook. Well at least I do. Hahahahaha :D  Yeah, that site has sure taken a lot of my time, realize it or not. But still, we need it, haih. It's weekend yawww! It's time to take some fresh air and go out and have fun. Too many things happened lately, bad things mainly but still, what a life would be without challenges aite? ;)

     So anyway, what's up? Well, let's see. UPU will be announced this 15th July 2011 which is on Friday, and I heard that the registration date was either 3/4th September 2011. Oh, so when is Raya again? Ah, 30th August? So to be precise we're leaving on uhm, on the 5th Raya? So let me get this straight, we got months of holiday but only a few days of Raya? Wuuuuuuuwuuuuu :'(  This is pretty devastating for me. But oh well, it is what it is. I'm not gonna lie, I am scared waiting for next Friday. Is it going to be Shah Alam? I don't know. I sure hope it will. If it will be Shah Alam, then we're gonna have to start looking for a house. My sister said that yeah, well, you can stay in hostel but it's pretty far from the campus. They're on different sections so yeah. Hey, rent house sounds independent to me. Haha.

     We'll never know what He has in store for us in the future. It's a foggy future. And I'm not actually sure whether I am ready for the future or not. All I can see now is me doing Degree for four years coming. Where? What course? We shall know by this Friday. What will I be doing after that? I don't know. My sister suggested a few, that is if I can get into TESL Degree. Like, maybe I can work in bank. Or be a translator. And she has a friend working in Fly.fm, reading the evening report. Now that is pretty cool. I love Fly.fm, they got Ryan Seacrest yaww, haha. Lecturer? Educator? I honestly don't know what to do. But hey, I got 4 years to figure that out right so let's leave the thinking to the future Nia Ilemor. Haha.

     I have a lot in mind on what to do with my life but I don't know whether I'll be able to do all those things. I've seen people dreaming to live their dreams when they're young and then grew older living a normal life like everyone else. I'm not sure that I like that. I always have this thought where I wanted to work work work and save money. And when I have enough money, I wanna quit my job and go travel around the world. Oh yeah, that's the wildest dream that I have so far but I see slim chances of living it. What would happen when you get married? And you can't just leave your family and yeah, other things to consider. It sounds impossible to be a full time traveler so maybe I'll just stick to the idea of go travelling during holiday. Haha.

     July is gonna be busy. Kidding me, it already is. I will be a single parent when my parents leave for Umrah by the end of the month. Wow, that suddenly sounds like a big responsibility. Think of all the things I have to do. Chores, driving them to school, buying groceries during weekends and the plants. Since it will be fasting month, I would have to do the thing that I dislike almost close to liking, cooking. Wuuhuu *weak cheer. But of course, I'm learning so that my dear sisters won't go raging for not so tasty food. Oh yeah, I'll feed them well you'll see. Haha. God I love this. Really. Really. =.="

-After months of holiday, it's gonna take time to get into that nerdy mood this September. Ughh.

-I have a feeling that my blog is getting bored, might as well stop? :/


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