Jul 18, 2011

Seriously Unnecessary

Assalamualaikum! :)

     It is one of the days where petty things start to violate your brain. You started worrying about unnecessary things. You started feeling insecure despite having those people who can protect you. You started feeling miserable despite all of those happy news. How irony could life get? This irony. You end up hating the one you love and you end up loving the one you hate. Ah, seems like we're a little bit off-track here. Pardon me. Ahem.

     Anyway, the result is out. The course is it. The place that is it. Alhamdulillah. Looking at another side, it is the typical side of me, afraid of venturing into the future, afraid what it has to offer me for those offers could easily be bad, real bad. For that, I've been feeling kinda nervous+afraid rather than excited which sounds so wrong because at this point, I should be happy. Yeah, I know. But it's just that, the thought of being far from my family gets me kinda, uh, I don't know. Hope the homesick doesn't get me as much as it did way back then. And that was Kuantan we're talking about. But too much was bad. Consuming my energy. It drained my emotion that I could write silly-lovey-dovey post about it. Yeah, I got sentimental when I miss home. Weird. I know. HAHA.

     So yeah, I seriously don't really have much to update. Muddled up. Another four years. Forms. Fax the transcript. Raya. Puasa. 10 days of single parent challenge. Dentist appointments. Reunions. Old friends. New friends. Best friends. So called friends. Shopping for endless lists. Incoming assignments. New people. New place. New environment. Growing up. 20 to be. There're so many things in my mind. Wonder why writing doesn't do the trick of getting them out anymore *sigh. 

     Oh by the way, congrats for the offers guys! All the best for Degree! :D
*boom boom fireworks, cheers! 

Have a good day people, Allah bless you :)

-Hey Nia Ilemor, this is seriously unnecessary. Get a book, make a list, get a grip, make a life! :D

Hey kawan, you maybe right, distance helps. But it doesn't do the trick. In the end of the day, it's the inner strength that you have to rely to. Isk. Payah.
Sungguh :|
Tapi tak mustahil :)


  1. ain..!! dont mention the number "2"..
    gosh...rasa tua nya saya~~~

  2. Rye! Hahaha. Hey, 20 is young yaww. We can get married. LOL :P

  3. oh the "M" word give me the chills..

  4. Bila Rye mention baru rasa chill jugak >.<


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