Jul 12, 2011

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole


     Book review! Book review time! I know some people think that book reviews are boring. Way back then, I did too. But I must write this one because this book is so much fun! This is the latest one that I recently done reading. It actually belongs to a friend of my sister and actually published in series. From his childhood years to his adulthood years.


     So what do I have to say about this book? It is actually a pretty sad story of a teenage boy who's growing up in kinda a chaotic family written in innocent view of a teenage boy which makes the reading, at the same time, fun. It's British so it uses lotsa British phrases which I found myself having a hard time understanding some of the sentences but still, I enjoy reading the book. The setting is not during the recent era, it was around those war years. 

     It is written in those diary pattern style so no long paragraphs or whatsoever. I guess that helps you not to feel so bored reading it. Uhm, I actually don't know how to do the review on this one. I enjoyed the book but not to the fullest because sometimes I don't get the jokes. I know, still have a lot to learn. Well, I'm sure you guys not gonna have problems with that. Happy reading!

-Now I know what a 13 3/4 year old British boy thinks about life/ Philospohical. Haha :P

-Doing the countdown. Two days left. Ugh, they've given me too much time for holiday that now I don't feel like getting back to the books. Ugh D:

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