Feb 6, 2013

Demons by Imagine Dragons

   Ever since I started listening to Imagine Dragon's music, I kinda get hooked. I love it how heir music diversify beautifully, so different from one to another. It took me quite some time to go song by song. I don't know about you guys but I found some songs sometimes are kinda deep. It really is hard to tell what exactly the song writer is trying to convey by his music only by listening and assuming. Sometimes I wish that each song comes with the description of the background on how the song was inspired and written with the meanings and all or maybe there are MusicLiterature classes where we could interpret song lyrics haha lulz. One of the songs I love, thus making it qualified as this week's music choice (bajit Billboard chart haha) is . . . *drumroll

Wait, the tittle is already up there. Oh well. 

I just love the trail of imagination it could initiate at the first hearing and the way it opens up to so many interpretations.

I heard this quite a few times, sometimes I see it as a friend, sometimes as Kang Maru (no kidding lulz :P ), sometimes as parents and sometimes, simply as a human being.

Anyway, enjoy and feel free to contribute your view :)

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