Feb 25, 2013

Just Give Me A Reason

Well, because I have been having this one on my replay lately.

The more I listen to a song, more different interpretations come in.

Everyone need a reason for something and once you found your ultimate reason for living, it keeps you going, you live. 

And there's a difference between just live, and living your life.

It doesn't have to be a person, not necessarily, just something special. It could be anything. It could be one thing, and it could be among so many things.

As I listen to the song, I found it palatable to my thoughts, not in a way that you are in a romantic relationship (I'm guessing that's the main idea of the song originally) but, it is more than that. Put the idea of a song in an ocean of thought, and you'll be in amazement finding the ink running in different directions, but still, on the same ocean. It makes listening to songs more, universal and intriguing.

I'm guessing learning literature had something to do with this lol.



  1. sy suka jugak interpret2 lagu and mendalami sesuatu lirik tu taw.. cuma, segala interpretation tu tak terluah dengan kata2 and that's why i suck at literature kot..hihi btw nice song~ :)

  2. I feel you Ain, sebab tak semua terluah dek kata. Macam alter ego taknak kita bagitahu orang lain pulak haha. Sort of, personal interpretation which is only for us to refer to :)

  3. ce interpret lgu paradise by coldplay. mcm susah jgk nk fhm...huhu

  4. eh duet dengan nate lah. best lagu nie =)

  5. Dyana; One of my fav band Coldplay! Hmm interesting :P
    Rye; Duet with me joom! Buat konsert kat Edu square :P


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