Dec 31, 2010

Friday Already Eh?


Hey Hey Hey it's already Friday! :D


     Good day isn't it? It's raining here. Ever since I came home, I remembered that it has always been raining. I like the chill of the rain, the smell of the rain and also the memory that it brought me back. Finally, today, which is Friday, which is just a day left before I'm going back to campus, I finally succeed to bring myself to do the assignment *clap clap. I was thinking to put all of the effort yesterday but then my sister played a good movie. Can't...resist...the So yeah, I kinda wasted yesterday with a good movie, watching TV, sleep and went Facebooking. How I wish sometimes I had the feeling to do the assignment once I got one. Sometimes I do imagine, how things will be like if I just try to be good. Like...

  • Doing assignments once I got them
  • Doing extra revision of the subjects that I learned that day
  • Wash my laundry on time by hands no need to waste money on machine
  • Always keep my study table and locker neat and tidy
  • Less Facebooking
  • Spend my money wisely
  • Go bed on time
  • Wake up early in the morning don't have to rush for the bus
  • Exercise, exercise, exerciseee!
  • Be nice to everyone

Yada yada
Bla bla bla

     Wow, the good and cranky me. Cranky? Whatever. Okay, I'm going to start doing my assignments. Hah, baru nak buat?!? Err, yeah. I like to procrastinate. WAHAHAHA XD  You know, there is a LOT to do. Will I be able to get them done before tomorrow? How about literature? You haven't touch the papers yet. And also grammar. And, and, you also haven't prepare the slide for L&S class. What about the reading test after mid-sem break? And, and other subjects? Did you do your revision? Oh, and the assignment that you need to go to school and interview people, when are you gonna do it? And the UPU form, when are you gonna do it? The USM form? And, and, and... Arghhh *scream and panic!

You know,
It's hard to change.
It really is.

Arif said that I am shy and have multiple personalities. Multiple personalities people! :/
Pasrah jelaaaa *cry alone in a corner

Oh my it's already 9.30. Ahhh, buh-bhye! *rushing

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