Dec 26, 2010

Long Time No Type


Warning: This post is a total boring mumbling

Pictures that speak for me. Courtesy of AN.

Ohhh, sem break is here! I'm FREE!!!

Oh-allowance-is-in shocking face! 

 Ahhh, loads of assignments!!!

Cak ku cak! Hai people :D

     It feels like ages since I wrote here. Fuhh fuhhhh *blowing dust Uhuk uhuk. The fact is that, I have been pretty busy last week. With Islamic Week, reading assignment to be submitted, classes' tasks, debate practice and whatnot, I don't really have time to blog and I don't really know what to blog about. So, for Irdina Syamimi Alias, I think I'll update a post. Aww, aren't I the nicest friend/blogger? HAHA. 

     It's sem break now. The allowance is in my bank, ka ching ka ching! I'm home but with loads of assignments. Oh, I couldn't be happier! :D Okay that's a lie. I love the money part but who likes assignment during sem break? So to remind myself not to overjoy this 'looooong' sem break, I'll make a list of what I have to do.

1. Writing graded assignment 1
2. Prepare the slide for Listening and Speaking assignment
3. TED 072 
4. Think of the brief ideas for final drama
5. Granma Grammar
6. Find the information for Islamic class's presentation
7. Prepare for the upcoming tests 

     Oh, I have made a list! *pat in the back. But, will I ever complete the list before this 1/1/2011? *shrug. Don't know don't care. HAHA. Okay, I do care lahhh. I don't really like number 7. Gotta prepare for like what, ermm, 6 or 7 subjects? Oh, I looooooove studying. Really, deeply, madly in love with it. Duh, who are you kidding at? And you still have to get the assignments done? Will I ever have time to go out and have fun? Oh no. *panic voice.  Okay calm down. *breath in, breath out. *cough. Huh. Irony, I would have to put my face before the books and read them but I didn't bring them home except for one. Err, what book was it again? HAHA. 

     I remembered last sem, yes, first sem. We also had tests coming up right after mid sem break. So, I literally stuffed my luggage full of books with a determination that I will hit ALL the books before I got back to campus the following week and aced all the tests! Sounds cool huh? Hah, kidding me. I didn't even touch the book. Not even one and I ended up studying last minute. As always. So taking the lesson from my experience, which my TED 072 lecturer would say, is a part of cognitive theory, I only bring one book home and the book would be lucky enough if I even realized that I'd bring it home. Okay, I still know that I have a book in my bag, but I couldn't bring myself to remember what book is it. Uhh, uhh *thinking real hard. Okay, lame, stop.

     To the people of U.S (UiTM Sekilau) and U.K (UiTM Kuantan) and any students who are in the middle of sem break, have a blast sem break holiday. Forget the assignments and go have fun! Okay, that was a joke. Just a joke okay. Oh, what a real mumble. Again, after leaving blogger world such a looooong time, I found myself thinking stumbling for words, worried worrying about grammatical errors and reading again and egein again for spelling errors.  And this blogger is learning, TESL? -_-"  Be nice to me, don't criticize my English publicly, I'm just a kid! *run and hide in closet.

Okay bye.


  1. uh!! mmg bnyk gler kijer kita kn.. hm.. mmg xrasa la cuti mana.. huhu.. plus, dgn adik2 lg., pergh!! mmg teruji bebenor le kitew ni kn.. huhu.. btw, sama2 kita berdoa agar dipermudahkan segala urusan!! ameen....
    luv u!!

  2. hahahaha~
    nomu5 chuaeyo!!! post nie~

  3. adah: tau tak pe. kejap sangat rasa, wuwu :(
    tinul: haha, tengkiyuuu :D


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