Dec 28, 2010


I've been tagged by Mr.Arif Azmi so I am supposed to make a post on it. Uhm okay. Well, here we go.

Do you think you are hot?
Yeah, the weather in Malaysia is kinda hot but now that it's 'winter' and I'm drinking a cuppa hot cocoa. Does that makes the answer yes? XD

Update the wallpaper that you are using now?

The story behind this wallpaper?
Kisuke is chasing Ichigo. Aren't the cute? No? Okay fine.

The last time you had pizza?
Err, last night? or is it last week? Maybe last month. Well, I guess it's last year. *shrug

The last song you were listening to?
If This Was A Movie by Taylor Swift.

Other than finishing this post in regards of the tag, what are you doing? 
Watching tv.

Other than your real name, what are your other nicknames?
Si jelita? :P

Tag another 5 people

Okay dah, :)

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