Dec 29, 2010

A Slap Of Reality

     Generally, I've been spending my holiday doing everything except none of it got to do with my assignments. I suddenly realized that today is already Wednesday and I only have like four days to finish ALL of my assignments. Assignments that have me waking up in the middle of the night and a scary thought would run through my mind that I may won't be able to finish all of them referring to my past history regarding them. Shortly, yes, I'm lazy. But of course, after that I just go back to sleep. Duh. In the middle of all this chaos of paying the college fee, filling up all the forms to apply for degree and buying the upu number for that and yada yada, I still find myself unmotivated. Ughhh. 

     Today, when I finally said to myself that, "Hey Nia Ilemor, you're gonna get it done by today!" I've been slapped by the reality. I'm in a big problem. A problem that may stop me from doing everything regarding to my assignments, a problem that may bring me an avalanche of nothingness that will land straight on my brain, literally. Oh my, I can't bring myself to write a good and proper English sentence. I constantly worry about my grammar, I always find mistakes in my translation even after I had a double check on it and I even had to use googgle translate to translate the word 'menumpang' :O  What is wrong with me? Somebody, help me! I just want to get over all of this. Ahhhhh! *scream and panic!

Photo Of AN

I think I'm having a mental blockage :/

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