Jan 7, 2013



     So today I have just started my Final Exam and we got back our Test 2 Phonology Paper. Wait, what?

     Anyway, today, is the birthday of a good friend of mine. Yes, thank you for pointing that out. I forgot. Again. Seriously I have no idea why do I keep forgetting dates. But hey, she was cool with it though I felt dead guilty. Maybe that should go into a new year resolution list, birthday list. The part that I'm scared of is that if forgetting what seems to be important to the people I love signals that I am not appreciating the people around me that much as I should. May Allah forgive me.

Anyhow got Phonetics on 12. Life's good.

I would appreciate a prayer for me thank you yes this paper is kinda a killer. For me. K. 

May Allah ease.


  1. Best of luck, ain! u r goin to kill Phonetics as you always did in the past. Stay golden and awesome yeah. :D

  2. I wish I could agree to the statement hahaha. But still, insyaAllah. Thank you Arsyad, that means a lot :)


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