Jan 1, 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

18 Safar 1434 Hijrah - 1 January 2013.

     Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah for another chance of another year. The start of the day marks another year. Truth to be told, I do not really see what is the big deal with new year. The celebrations, the wish and all but looking at another side of it, new year can be a good mark to see how far have we walked, because at the start of every year, we get to evaluate our performance in life in relevance to the time setting of our study and life. Another new year coming also reminds me how closer we are to death, just like how birthdays are. But then, sad to admit, I know the fact well but to get me really understand what 'death' actually meant, took more effort than just knowing and realizing. 

     Anyhow, the topic that people usually talk about as we go shouting "Happy New Year!" is . . . *drumroll* NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! Yeay. New. Year. Resolutions. I suck at this. Back in 2012, I only had few simple goals and so far, Alhamdulillah, I managed to get two or three on track. While I have the other 7  entah ke mana hahaha baiklah ini tidak lucu sebenarnya hmm.

     The way I see it, whenever I look back at my last year's resolutions and how there were so many other things I could not keep on track doing them only remind me of how much time have I wasted. Like seriously. If I were to recall back how 2012 was like, I barely remember anything compared to 2011. I didn't even update my blog that much poor bloggie. These few days, as I still had some stuff on ma plate when as a matter of fact this is the study week and I am supposed to do my revision but I can't because I still have to submit three assignments and a test, I feel suffocated, choked by time. I am at home. I am supposed to enjoy the home moments you know what I mean? And it hits me, (this happens allllllll the time) 'IF only you did your work earlier' 'IF only you did not waste so much time getting distracted with the internet'. The IFs troop coming marching in my head. If this and if that. And Ustazah Rodiah's conclusion from a hadith in the Qada' and Qadar lesson came into surface, pushing the IF's troops of sentences away, "The word IF will only open a door to the syaiton, don't lament the IFs." 

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2013: It's time I start setting up my own garden of pwetty and fragrant flowers.
Gonna chop all the weeds away.

     The forbidden 'if' that we are talking about here is when you regret something, saying that if only you could do something to fix that something. The past is gone, it went down like dusk to dawn (yeah sing it with me, no? K) so be it. Leave the past. It's a good place to visit, but not a good place to stay. Ever notice how sometimes we spend our time regretting something so much that it actually took the time that we could actually do something more awesome than the thing we spend so much time regretting? Lets not have that anymore. My point here is, though as cliche as it might sound, the year 2012 taught me that, if you wanna do something. go for it. At least you won't be regretting not doing it. Often we regret things we don't do while we have the chance.

     With this new year coming, hopefully I'd be able to keep myself on track with the list. 356 pages sure is a lot to write on. Hopefully, biiznillah, I'd be able to narrate awesome moments. With that, have a great year ahead people :D

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