Jan 15, 2013

Living The Life (?)

     My Abah is quite an adventurous person. He'd usually spent his weekends hunting with my uncles or some of his friends. Today, Abah got home from work at about 4 something. By 5, he packed up some culinary appliances and told us that he's going to paddy field for a while. He'll be back by night. "Outdoor!" he exclaimed with a smile after a hard day at work.

And here I am, waking up, watching tv, filling up my tummy whenever I'm bored, scrolling the timelines and blog walking.

I'm beginning to doubt my age and questioning my purposes in life.


  1. what a great dad u have! famished never exists in his dictionary of life, i guess. do something to show ur gratitude while you can. :D

  2. Alhamdulillah :) Yeah, I ought to readjust my bearing of life. Thank you for the advice :D


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