Jan 14, 2013

Notes from Home #1

     When I went to BBW the other day, I bought a book entitled Mastering Filters for Photography which provides guidelines in using the filters, one my attempts in learning the technical aspects of it, just for a light reading. I thought that it may be useful for my brother and maybe when I want to learn photography seriously, it could come in handy. As I got home, my older brother took out the book and jokingly told my younger sisters, "Ni hah, Ain beli ko adik ambik ah." (something that I am not planning) My younger sisters, both are enthusiastic on the idea of photography screamed hysterically reaching out for the book before even knowing that the book is just actually about filters, not the angle techniques and all. One is 16 and another one, Adik is 13 and just started secondary school. She enrolled herself in the School's Photography Club. My older brother's provocation sent them rambling on how they are going to learn photography using my brother's camera. Adik held the book and asked, "Ain beli ko adik ke ni?" Seeing Adik so excited getting the book, I replied, "Hm, ambiklah." "Terima kasih!" she replied, grinning. 

     Maybe their interest was just a teenager's thing and the interest may fade in time. But regardless of the reasons and all, I guess it's a good thing to expose them to as many resources as possible while they are in it. The book may not be much of use to them, since we don't really use filters or even have many of them but I guess it's a good form of motivation. Motivation could be exploited, regardless the source.

Oh well.

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