Jun 30, 2011


It is heartbroken-annoying-indecipherable-unbelievable to see that the people you trust with your secrets break the trust given. No matter what the excuses are, the act is still, UNACCEPTABLE.

     I never really know that I resent it so much until I actually talked about it to someone. And man, then I realized that I am angry. Not just average angry or ah-just-let-it-go angry but that oh-crap-what-did-you-just-do-I-could-never-ever-take-this angry. And I just realized that, all this while, whatever this particular person done, I didn't really said anything because I thought that this friendship is worth hanging onto. Well what do you know, I was wrong. Maybe this sounds pathetic but I don't care. Remind me again why I was so secretive way back then? Right, because some people just can't let those secrets stay locked in their mouth. 

     Take the advice, never EVER tell other's secrets to other people no matter what the excuses are. Not even for seeking advice motive or getting a second opinion or whatever lame excuses you have. A secret is a secret. If you don't think this a big deal, then maybe you just should not talk about it to simply anyone because yeah, it IS NOT a big deal.

-This is the limit that I can take.

I guess it's better to be thought as not-really-a-friend-because-you-don't-tell-me-this-and-that than having people talk about your supposed to be secret stories.


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