Jun 24, 2011

You Are Now 19


     I woke up today to be greeted by birthday wishes on my phone. Thanks for the wishes guys :D  The postman came in yesterday and brought a package for me. Guess what did I got?


     It's actually a shirt with my name on it, It is sooooo cute! :D   Thank you so much to Wan Fatinul Hidayah. I love it and I love you too! ;)

     To be honest, as I get older, I rarely get Birthday presents. People don't need specific days to give presents anyway aite? So I'm pretty excited, haha. But I don't really mind not getting presents as long as the people that I love at least remember the day I first exist. And they usually gave me cute hand made cards and race to wish me first as the clock strikes twelve though the fact that I was actually born on 7.52 a.m. Hahaha :D  It's like a tradition to wish birthday as the clock strikes twelve which is pretty amusing because people would be sleeping by that time. Don't you think? :P Haha.

     Birthdays no longer excites me. So far. I mean, not for any big celebration or anything. I don't know why. This year, I'm not really in mood for any celebration. Not that I ever really had one since I was uhm, 6? But since it is kinda my last teen year, 19, maybe I will do something for myself. Just a treat for myself. For my birthday, I just hope that, as I grow older, HE will show me a clearer path because somehow, now I'm kinda in the middle of a mess. It just happens when you get older I guess so I pray that, as I grow older, Allah will grant me His blessing, and that He will keep guiding me on the right path, and that He will protect me from worldly temptations, and that He will always grant me the strength for whatever challenges ahead. And also, that He will protect the people I love. Ameen :)

     One of the things that I like about birthday is that, tattaraatataaa! I get the Birthday bonus! Yeay! Means that my phone must always be fully recharged and that I can spend hours talking on the phone with my close friends and text endlessly! I can't wait to make calls to then and gossip. Hahaha. Oh yeah, we girls like to gossip! And on this day, we should be thanking our parents, because it is for them that we get the chance to see the world. Abah, mama thank you. I promise that I'll work harder and make you proud of me. And also, thank you for my dear family for all the support for all of these years, KalomNuyuEtiAlifAkimCiqahWawaLela. Read this entry by a very cute guy to get the idea of thanking you parents for your birthday, *Yeah, saje je tulis that cute guy line, it makes me sound nice by complimenting others, haha :D

     Thank you again Tinul :)  This is so sweet. I wish that I'd gotten you something too. Allah bless you.

Sanah Helwah Ain Romeli, you are now 19.
So let's act like one.
Let's be happier.
Let's work harder.
*smile :)


  1. Sanah helwah dear!!!!!!!!!!
    May u be blessed all the way :-)
    Luv u.

  2. HrhZ: Syukron syukron syukron :)
    Love you too.

    Kamal Effendi: Thanks :D


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