Nov 22, 2010

Begin Again

Assalamualaikum. Hello people.

Done packing, done tidying up, done with the hectic journey to Kuantan. DONE. 

"How's sem 2?" 

     So far everything is unpredictable. My classmates are unpredictable. My class's timetable is unpredictable and the bus's schedule is unpredictable. Or maybe it's just me, trying to find a way to familiarize myself with this new life. Kinda. Again. It almost felt like going back to Sem 1. New residential place, new class, new classmates and new timetable. But still the good old friends and people :) How challenging is it? My roommates are all in the same one class that differs than mine. 4B versus a C =.="

Unsheathing the sword of patience and focus for Sem 2. I wish it works as simple as this.

     Not having even one roommate who is in a class with me is pretty challenging. Who would wake me up when I have early morning classes and they don't? I hope I won't miss the bus. Haha :P  No (roommate.classmate) to ask about assignments or class schedule because I am obviously pretty forgetful and oblivious to things around me. If I am lucky enough, there will be IV about by the end of the week and I haven't done with reading. Great. I really hope things will go just fine because so far, I don't really like with how my mind is reacting to this. Assimilation. Huh. Please stay positive oh me.

     So far, everything is just fine. I only need to get myself get used to this new environment. I got a feeling that though we have many things changed around here, this won't differ much from how it was. Just mundane. There's a good and bad side to everything right? I hope it's true. Let's just see how it will go. I know it's gonna be good. It has to be good. It better be. I'll get used to this just like I always did right? In the end of this semester, I will not have myself regretting for anything. I will try to pull this off. I will :)

Hello Semester Two. Please Be Nice To Me. 

Last sem in Foundation, last sem here. I can only promise that I'll try. I still remember. I always am. Still keeping the promise, no matter what. This I promise you :)


  1. btul3~
    it's really need patience kan???
    dgn new class nyer,bus yg x ikut schedule..huhu,pretty hectic timetable lg...kena stay smpai ptg kat pdg lalang...
    ape yg buleh kite buat skrang ialah.. 'REDHA'

  2. tau takpe,hectic kan?
    jom jadi Redha :)


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