Nov 19, 2010

Breaking Up With Sem Break

     One month back, having a one month sem break without friends to hangout with is totally boring! But now, just one more day to go back to Kuantan, I felt like I haven't had enough break yet. HAHA. And why is that so huh? But anyway, it is what it is. Sem 2 is here. What choice do I have? Can I have more break? Everybody's home, except Mr.A but I still wanna spend my holiday with them! This is just so not fair :(  Why do I get sem break when people don't and why do they got sem break when I don't? Okay nia.ilemor, don't put a question mark on that though this is a parliamentary democracy nation. Let's go back to enjoyenjoy study mood >.<

Huchi huchi! me want rest more like maow maow >.<

     Last night I skyped with Mr.A  and I thought that his face looks like when Mr.Hamster eats kuacikuaci or veggieveggie or whatever it is and put them in his mouth making his cheeks looked full. 

Mr.Hamster eats veggieveggie

     He fired back, "Ewah ewah, sedap tehh oyak ko aku, aku kelih muko mung tuh koho bulat. HAHA" *use Google translate for better comprehension* Ouch. That kinda hurts =.=" Thank God you're my brother. Haishhh. Okay fine, I'll go pack my things now. Sorry Mr.A but I really think that your face looks like Mr.Hamster eats veggieveggie as in the picture. But no worries, you still look good :) (err, kalau tipu sikit takpe kan?) My oh my. See nia.ilemor? Mr.A is right. Look what has sem break did to you! I don't wanna have hamster's cheeks though it's very cute but one month is more than enough. Ouhh, tata TV, tata wireless connection, tata nice pretty morning view, tata refrigerator, tata washing machine. Tata titi tutu, I'll be missing you! Hye, it rhymes! :P  Oh, it's already sem 2. Last sem for TESL foundation programme *sobsob* Hey, what's up with that sad mood? Okay, back on track, Hello Sem 2! :D 

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