Nov 11, 2010

Guides to Tackle Mr.Muet

     Howdy people! I am so sorry for the late update. Me myself have been searching for the right notes to share. Two days to go! *phew

     Okay, basically for Question 1, which is the question with graphs/charts you don't really need *bahasa indah memukau jiwa* . Just straight to the point, report what you see in the question. Write it NOT MORE THAN 200 WORDS and YES, THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Essay Question 1
1. Spend about 5 minutes to read the graphs, charts, etc
2. Make sure you understand the question
3. Make sure you follow the lines on the graph
4. Focus on key information
5. If there is two graphs-compare
6. Think about the time period (tenses) - usually it is more to present perfect tense
7. Vary your vocabulary
8. Organize your info clearly
9.Write neatly

First thing to do when you read a graph is to read the tittle. Identify what the question really wants and don't forget, write a tittle :)

Answering Guide

Overview (O)       : Look at the key words in the question, tittle,axes and key.
Key Features (A) : Highlight significantaccurate and relevant data.
Trend / Changes : Precise vocabulary
  • Trends are changes or movements
  • They are normally expressed in numeric items, for example, population, production volumes, unemployment, etc.
  • Trends can be expressed using Nouns or Verbs
  • Example or use of Noun - There was a significant fall in unemployment levels...
  • Example of use of Verb - Unemployment levels fell...
Analysis (A) : Breakdown of data and analysis : you only interprets the data and analyse it w/out stating the data (the data here would be the number)
Synthesis (S) : Make comparisons - identify relationship(s) in visual :you compare them and state the difference by stating their data

     Feeling confused? Don't worry. You will get the idea once you read a sample answer later :)
Basically to get a good report, you need to get more S (Synthesis)than A (Analysis). I think, maybe 3/4 S is enough for band 5.

Now let's write a report!

1. Introduction
Overview: Look at the key words in the question, tittleaxes and key.
(i) Define what the visual is all about. E.g: use information from thetittle, axes, key.
E.g : The graph shows/depicts/illustrates....(you may vary your vocabs)

2. Body: Interpret the visual
(i)  Key features - 6 modes of transport
(ii) Analyse these features - Data and trend
E.g : From a mere 5% in 1950, the percentage of travellers by car increased to 25% in 1975. The number rose further to a convincing 40% in 2000. This shows an upward trend in the popularity of the car as a mode of transport.
(iii) Synthesis - Compare and link relationships
E.g : While the percentage of travellers by cars increases, the percentage of those who walked dropped substantially throughout the years...

3. Conclusion
Summarise visual to draw a relevant conclusion
Overview (O)       : Look at the key words in the question, tittleaxes and key.
Key Features (A) : Highlight significantaccurate and relevant data.
Trend / Changes : Precise vocabulary
Analysis: Breakdown of data and trends
Synthesis: Make comparisons - identify relationship(s) in visual

Things to look out for - THE DONT'S
In this case, you may not ever write reasons for how the graph is. For example, if the graph bar for use of bus decrease from 1990 to 2000, DO NOT write things like :

Inaccurate interpretation of data
  • The chart shows an erratic behaviour... (padahal it decrease)
  • Travellers use cars because they are fast and time-consuming (memandai je bagi reason, jangan cik adik)
  • it is due to the increase use of car (ehh, mane tauu? hehe)
Irrelevant Information
  • The purpose of investment different kinds of transport is shorten the distance between two places and poses comfort to everyone.(takde kena mengena in the first place lagi tetiba tup, ade je.)
That's all for now. Hope it helps. Maybe I'll give an example in the next post :) Feel free to ask if you have any question.


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