Nov 18, 2010

Oh Cammie !


     Having this camera is one of my biggest wish. Oh, I wonder when can I have one of these? >.<  When I type MINE, then it's MINE, no share share. HAHA. This thing is not as cheap as cakelat kedberi you know. Well, not for me =.="  Ka ching ka ching $$$$ !

Canon EOS 60D

     I'm not really a camera savvy person. I don't even know much about cameras but I do know this is the latest member in the Canon EOS family and it produces great pictures! I always wanted to learn the techniques on how to snap good pictures. Pictures that tell stories but maybe snapping me is enough. BWAHAHA. *Oh, perasan lagi :P  I know it's not easy to be a good photographer and to produce good awesome amazing pictures but I would really want to give it a try. Of course it needs knowledge, skills and talent. The fact that I am a lazy homosapien doesn't help at all. I don't even have a good camera to begin with. But then, having a good camera is not enough, you need skills. Haihhsshh =.=" 

     But you know, if you are really good in this, I mean really good, you can take photos for weddings. Oh, that sounds like me. Duh. I know people who are about my age and working as part time photographers during holiday. Can you hear the sound? Can you smell it? $$$$ Ka ching, ka ching $$$$ . HAHA. Oh, of course money is not everything but everything needs money *eh, apa kaitan?* But anyway, when I was blogwalking, I found this blog about a photographer and I found a cute picture. I don't know why, but I think this froggie is super duper cute *serious! People, meet Mr.Brown Froggie :D  Will I be able to have a chance to catch pictures as cute as this? >.<

     Oh, don't you think this is such a cute little creature? Unique isn't it? Oh cutie cutie little froggie! I was wondering what kind of frog is this so I asked abah, 

     "abah, ni katak spesies apa?"
"Oh,ni lah katak melompat"

Okay, now I know.

foot.note: bud bud! I'll be waiting :D



  1. nk bli gak!!tp nikon d3000..insyaAllah

  2. wahh, minat fotografi jugak? i still prefer canon, delighting u always. haha :)


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