Nov 10, 2010


Courtesy costs nothing but buys everything
-Khalifah Ali-

    This entry is a piece of my undefined emotion. The story goes like this. Once upon a time... There was a beautiful princess... eh eh. My bad, fairytale time has ended.

     Okay, this evening, I went over to the town to meet some of my friends. Just as we were about to leave, pushing the door and making our way out of the fast food restaurant, a young girl dressed in red kurung and dark scarf approached me and hold out what appears to be stickers of prayers. Oh not again... So, I said politely and sweetly to her, 

     "Maaf dik, akak takde duit". Saya cakap dengan sangat sopan dan manis okeh. Just as I turned around and was about to walk away, I heard she said,
     "Maaf dik, akak takde duit." Did she just mocked me or I was hearing echoes of my own voice? No. It was her. I turned back to her and said,
     "Excuse me?!?" Okay, now I'm annoyed. She then casted me a sardonic smile and looked away. Duh. Seriously, go learn some manners! Then I saw her friends coming over her and she was talking to them, laughing. Doesn't even looked guilty.

    That was not the first time. I don't remember seeing them around before. They started to exist like a pervasive annoyance maybe since the end of last year. These kids, aged maybe from as early as 5/6 to maybe 13-16 usually walk in groups. They would have stickers/books of prayers with them and go around to people, kinda forcing them to buy it. Once you have them put one of the stickers in your hand, they're not taking it back and you had to pay. Believe me, they would make you pay. When you refused, they would like get angry and said bad things about you. Duh. But so far I managed to escape that just nice. I would usually will just ignore them as adviced by mavericks. It's not that I don't want to help but please, want people to respect you? Have some respect for them first! Even the matter of love can't be forced, let alone the matter of selling goods. *eh, ade kaitan ke? :P

Mr Annoying Orange annoys better :P

     Once, when I went to the same restaurant with my bestie, they were at the front door. Like always, when we refused, they mumbled. When we got in there,  there was this boy aged about 5-7 maybe, approached us and like forcing us to buy books. Religious books. Even if you intended to help these people in the first place, you would feel like so annoyed by the way they approach you and then most probably decided just to ignore them. That was what we did. Then he left. That was what I thought. Boy oh boy, how I wish I had a sense of foreboding of a threat that was coming. After ordering and about to take our order upstairs, tadaaa! He's there, at the stairs. My friend was carrying our meal in a tray and I was following her.

      Well, what do you know, the boy was blocking my way and was like forcing me to buy a book. Not realizing what happened, my friend kept on climbing the stairs. He hold out a book and put it in my hand. Okay, ini sudah agak tidak sopan ya adik kecil. Kan kita bukan muhrim? Eh, dia budak lagi lah =.=" So, there was this handrail and I put the book there and it slided down back to him. I think I heard him said things. Bad one >.<  Guess what he did then? When I was about to walk away, he pulled my kain baju kurung. Ahh, what the? Okay, this is way too much. I was like, "Eh, eh...apa ni?" Of course, saya respon dgn sopan tapi dgn nada yg sedikit meninggi. *cough again* Then when there was other people coming, he let me go and ran. Good for him. I didn't know what would I do if I lost my patience. That was like the most rude thing that a beggar stranger ever did to me. 

     I don't mind to help you with a few ringgit notes if you really are in need. I don't mind. Not at all. I do realize that human are being born to live different life and I am always grateful to live mine although it may not be as perfect as others. For that, I don't mind to help as much as I can if you really need one. But hey, you dressed just nicely, and one of my friends saw you having lunch at fine stalls, you run and laugh just fine with your 'happy friends' and maybe you didn't realize that but you do have a great skill of mocking people. Yes, that's a compliment. I can see that you are in a great state of health. And if you really do want people to help you buy that stickers, do it with manners. Showing some respect to other people won't hurt you, it would do you a favour. It's not that I'm being tangkai jering, it's not that I am being snobbish or what but please, respect and behave.

     But anyway, back to the story. My friends kinda noticed that and asked what was wrong and I told them about the girl. I was kinda taken aback by what she did you know. Then miss T told us, she'd been there. She responded to the girl by telling her that she didn't have any money and the girl was like, 
     "Eh, takkan keluar tak bawak duit." Or like the other day when one of them mocked her too, "Eleh, takde duit" But of course, she said it in a low voice. 'Low' enough for her to hear it. The way miss T told the story was kinda sarcastic. Then we found that kinda funny and laughed. Haha. Mr I said that maybe they're not from here. They don't look like local people and they talked in a weird accent. From China maybe.

      I don't know and I'm not even interested to know. What I know is that if she do that again, hah, I'm not going to be so nice. HUAHUAHUA *gelakjahatcantikmanis. Takdelah, mana sopan jahat balas jahat kan? :P  Okeh, that's all. I'm not really angry actually. Agak bengang cuma. Kalau mudah marah-marah nanti cepat tua, eh? This post is not condemning them. It's just an experience to share. And I don't like the fact that they were selling  religious books/stickers with such behaviour. That's just wrong. *gigitcadbury* Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal :D Aih, just writing this post had me fumbling for words, what do you do for the upcoming muet miss nia.ilemor?


  1. miss T n Mr I??i think,i know them.hi7 ;p

  2. you do? i wonder if you're assumption is right.hehe.who?

  3. hoh same goes to me! i can't stand those kinds of people.. >.< sometimes, they're just too much.. forcing people to buy their things.. >.< can't get rid of them sometimes.. >.<

    p/s : wondering when will i get to write as good as yours.. :)

  4. yeah, tell me bout it.
    *blushing, thanks! im still improving. you will, better than me i bet :D


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